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Preliminary Drawings: the process begins with conceptualizing the main elements of the home and the site

Preliminary Drawings
The process begins with conceptualizing the main elements of the home and the site. Building code requirements such as setback and height restrictions, and the topography, will often dictate the number of floors, orientation to the view or setting and the spatial relationship of the primary living areas: kitchen, dining family and living rooms.
Your construction budget is a critical consideration in establishing the square footage and amenities, and must be factored in from the onset. The initial cost estimate is based on a cost per square foot formula. Only after the final working drawings are submitted for actual bids can an accurate cost estimate be generated.
Once the basic parameters have been established, simple sketches of a floor plan will be developed. Together, architect, builder and clients will modify and refine the preliminary drawings to satisfy the requirements of the project.
Working Drawings
Floor plans scaled to one-quarter inch and outline elevations are generated from the preliminary drawings and provide additional opportunities to fine-tune the design. Although changes can be made later in the process, and usually are, it is better and less costly to make alterations at this point.
Working drawings include all the technical detail that is necessary to construct the home. They include all foundation and framing specifications, structural engineering calculations of beam and lumber and lumber size requirements, electrical and plumbing details, and all information that will be needed to obtain the necessary building permits. The construction cost estimate will be generated from the finished working drawings.
We take pride in honest and open working relationships with our clients. The service-oriented approach we bring to the building process is based on developing a working partnership between builder and homeowner that promotes open and honest communication.
We are convinced that the success of our business depends on the satisfaction of our customers. We listen to our customers and understand their changing needs. We achieve their satisfaction by quickly translating their needs into services that are first class and emphasize quality and value.
All our projects share a very important common denominator, uncompromising attention to detail. A custom home is a source of pride and enjoyment every day you live in it. It is important to partner with a builder who shares the same standards of excellence and professionalism that you do.
As a contractor with over 30 years in the residential construction business, Steve Pelardis has developed a reputation as a premier home builder with a commitment to quality and integrity. His attention to detail and hand-on approach is a key differentiating factor from other home builders.
Working drawings are submitted to the respective suppliers and sub-contractors who will provide bid proposals for all major cost categories, i.e., lumber, windows, plumbing, heating, drywall. Although it is a laborious and time-consuming task, it is a critical component that will assure both builder and homeowner that they have arrived at a realistic estimate of the cost of constructing the residence. If the bids come in higher than anticipated, changes and revisions will be suggested to reduce costs. Beginning the project with realistic budget constraints will minimize these difficult decisions.
Once the construction cost estimate is completed, a construction contract will be executed and included with the cost breakdown and material specifications that will be submitted to your lender. To minimize the lead-time to start construction, working drawings are submitted to the city or county building and planning departments for permit application at the same time the construction package is submitted to the lender. Construction funds are disbursed monthly on a percent-of-completion basis.

SP Construction has an established reputation of building quality single-family homes and delivering outstanding customer service.

Whether you are considering the construction of a new residence or renovating an existing home, you can look to SP Construction to provide the expert services necessary to make your dream a reality. The hallmark to SP Construction’s success is their extraordinary attention to detail, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. These are the core values that allowed SP Construction to earn an excellent reputation in the building industry. Adding your name to our numerous satisfied customer list is our goal.

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